Personilization attribute values not reflecting in UI for Datagrid2

Hi, I am using Datagrid2 and our datagrid2 has 30 columns. But by default only 7 columns will be shown and rest are hidden and users have a option to hide/unhide. So we think to add a button which when clicked will show all the columns rather than user need to enable it manually one by one if they want. I have created a entity name SelectAll and it has a string attribute(unlimited). i use a dataview inside datagrid2 and used the Unlimited string to store personalized attribute. Initially i run the application and copied the attribute data. Then i have added a button 'show all columns' which when clicked change the unlimited string. But all columns are not showing in the column. But when i refresh the browser then it is reflecting the changes. I have added the screenshot of the implementation below. Is there any way to update the datagrid2 itself rather than manually refreshing browser? By default only 2 columns are enabled. But when click on show all button. it will need to enable the 3rd column also. But it not reflecting when we clicked on the button. It is reflecting after we refresh the browser
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