Stop Mendix from automatically trimming trailing whitespaces

Hello everyone ;) I have an App in which I put user input text onto a pdf using custom Java. I implemented an option to right-align the text but sometimes the space until the right border of the pdf is too small. The simplest solution would be to just add trailing whitespaces to the text input field. However, Mendix seems to automatically trim these when the String is forwarded to my custom logic. (The Whitespaces stay in the input field if I click into it after leaving again).   One workaround I found is to copy paste some invisible unicode character to the end. But I do not think the end users would appreciate such an invisible (pun) way of getting it done.    Thanks for your Input ;)
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This sounds more like something for the Idea Forum. If you create your idea there, then people will be able to add their comments and vote for your idea if they agree with it.