Slow data display on data grid

I am using Tab container to display data of 6 entites each tab contains data from one entity. Each tab has around 40 columns on average, some has 60 columns. To make column editable on run time for specific user we have added editability condition and also calculation on one column is dependent on one another So on click Events are also enabled on maximum columns. This whole setup has made my data grid and tab contains way slower, I need to optimize this setup in a  way I can deliver all required functionalities and my data grid 2 should respond faster and fetch data faster .
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Some things I would take a look at;

  1. How many rows are you showing per datagrid/tab? > limitted rows will optimize query
  2. How big is your data set? > Indexes can help
  3. WHat is your datagrid sorting? > Indexes improvement
  4. Also, ensure you load each tab on show/enter, not at once when accessing the page.
  5. What are the calculations done? as calculated attributes, consider them to be replaced with stored values, which are calculated at specific events.
  6. Also; the described design; I would challenge the designer/business/PO who request such. Besides the performance issue, I doubt this is really what they need. Which they will say they need, but that's old school way of thinking. What is their process and why do they need this load of data at once in multiple containers on the same page.....

Hello Poonam,


I am afraid it is way to much data that needs to be displayed.

However, small things that you can do are the following:

1. Try instead of using a tab container more something like a menu, it could be possible that with the tab container Mendix is loading all the tables of every tab although you only visiting one tab

2. Limit / Cluster your conditional visibility 

3. If you have calculated attributes try to replace them with OCh events or Commit events


Hope this helps!


Good luck