PDF Document Generation module is creating file but dynamic text from passed parameter shows as empty

I want to generate a PDF with the PDF document generation module. I succeed at creating the document but when I open it the widgets that show text appear empty or null even though they were filled before the generation.   I have also given all the right permissions.   Any idea on how to fix this?
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Hi Diego, this is maybe due to the following limitation of the Microflow used in the PDF document generation action (see documentation):

  • Objects that are created in microflows that contain the Generate PDF from page action are not available to use in your PDF document. This is also applicable for changes made to existing objects. The reason is that those changes are not persisted to the database until the whole microflow has finished. The document generation service will access your document in its own context, and therefore have no access to the non-persisted changes.


A potential workaround is to the EndTransaction action from Community Commons module, although it is important to realize the effects of using this action is that it prevents rollbacks of the actions before the EndTransaction.