Creating a 1-to-1 association with Marketplace module entities

Hi,    As a best practice, we try to avoid outgoing association from Marketplace modules to our App modules (say from Account entity of Administration module) as they will be deleted once we update the module.    My doubt was: what happens to 1-to-1 associations? Will a 1-to-1 association between an Employee entity from an Employee module and the Account entity be deleted?   Thanks in advance.
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A 1-to-1 association won't be deleted upon module update, but the modeler may throw errors about entity access. These are solved with the "Update security" button in the domain model. You can edit 1-to-1 associations from both sides, so on both sides you can define entity access. This is also why you can't create 1-to-1 associations to entities in the System module, as you have no editing rights there as a developer.