How to set unique SP entity ID for each IdP Configuration in SAML?

Hi everybody,    In the documentation of the SAML module (  it is stated that you can set the Entity ID, Organization and Contact Person for each IdP separately:   "From version 3.5 of the SAML module, this functionality can be set independently for each IdP you configure and has been moved to the IdP-specific settings."   However, I cannot find any option to set these settings independently in the configuration settings of the IdP. I assumed that either during the setup wizard or afterwards through editing the IdP configuration I would find some settings that I could change to change the Entity ID that this IdP configuration would use for my SP, but I can't find it. I can only change it in the SP Configuration of the entire app. I'm using Mendix 9.24.7 and SAML 3.6.3, so the version requirements shouldn't be an issue.    Did I misinterpret the quote above? Or am I missing something?
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