How to implement Dependent Dropdown using Custom dropdown Widget?

I have location entity and on Select of location dropdown the respective production center will show. can you please explain properly and please add some snap of microflows also it will helpful for me also.
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Hi Himansu,


I assume that you first select your location using a reference selector and based on what has been selected in that in the second reference selector you only want to show the production centers that are associated to the selected location?

If you use a reference selector you can go to the 4th tab: Selectable Objects. There you need to select as a source Xpath. Then below the XPath constraint there is a input box called constraint by. If you use the correct path over Location there, the selectable objects in the reference selector for the production center will only show those that are associated to the location.


Hi Himansu,


As per my understanding, you want to select a location and you want to display respective production center.


First be clear that you want to display a list of production centers for one location? because you have used one - to - many association.


for getting only one production you want to use one-to-one association.


Apart from that, if you want to retrieve any kind of production center's then you need to take data view of production center and place drop-down there and below insert a data view or list view based on type of association and make DataSource as microflow, then retrieve the object or list of that location using retrieve action by xpath constraint and return it.


Hope this helps, if not comment your queries.