How to make a list of datetime localize?

Hi, I would like to make a list of DataTime type attributes with Localize true/false by entity. I cannot find the Localize attribute in the database tables.   Does anyone know how I could make this list? Module/Entity/Attribute/Localize   Thanks in advance, Pascal
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You would need to use the Mendix SDK to query the domain model for this information. For DateTime attributes you can call the localizedate method to see if the value is localized or not.


I hope this helps.


Hi Paul


You cannot really visualise the data by following the path, as the localize attribute is not stored that way. You can, however, find it here:



The concept that you are trying to achieve is not impossible, however, as you can use the formatdatetime and formatdatetimeUTC functions to display both the UTC and local values! 

You can find some additional information here:


Good luck!