Auto-Login with Deep Link module.

Hi Mendix Community, I need help in implementing an auto login feature within my Mendix application using which users will be able to perform activities through E-Mail without having to login again and again, We already have the deep link module implemented but it needs a session because of which users have to login using an id and password. I want to completely skip the login process and allow the users to directly perform an action through email without having to login. We are using the Deeplink module and leveraging SAML for authentication. To achieve this, I'm seeking guidance from experienced developers.  Thanks.
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In the app security you will need to enable anonymous users, have an anonymous role that only has access to the microflow (and page) that the deep link is configured to use.

The deep link configuration should be updated to enable the Do not force a login action on the advanced tab so that anonymous users will be able to access the deep link.


You can read more about the deep link settings in the documentation: Deep Link ⚠ | Mendix Documentation