Link between 2 forms with live sort

Hi there, this might be a silky question for you guys but im a newby with Mendix and im breaking my head over linking and keeping data together. Can you please help me and explain me the following: i have a customer with a one to many association to his orders entity. Now when i add a new customer i want to have a new empty orderform where i can store his orders without having to select the cuatomer in de dropdown list that is created in de editnew page. When adding a new customer it should be clear ist this customer i just added or selected in a tablegrid. I just can figure out how this works. Can somebody explain this to me as this would be a great help for developing our webapplication.
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So basically you want to have the current customer as the context for your orderform page?


To do so, add a page parameter to your page. This means that you can pass along a specific object that you'll then have available on your page as context. That way, you can use the context to auto-fill any new objects with a reference to customer in your microflows or nanoflows.