On Leave Event

Hey experts, How can I ensure that the details of the car disappear when I remove or modify the license plate number in the input field and leave the field in Mendix? I have added a decision activity to check if there are exactly 6 letters or digits in the input. If so, I call a rest to fetch the car details. However, when I remove the license plate number or multiple numbers or modify it, the details remain displayed under the input field. How can I make sure they disappear when the license plate number is modified or removed?
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Hello Muhammed,


Have you check out the events on the input field:




They help you to execute logic after you change the value of the field or when you enter information, in your case i think you can use the on change event 


See also the doculentation 3.9 events to choose what is suitable for you:




Hope this helps!


Good luck!