How to redirect to my web app page from a native app?

Hello,   In my native application, I need a button that redirects to a page in my web application. I saw that deep links existed, but I found it complex since I only need this functionality for a single page.   I tried to edit the url of my web page and use that url in a webview in my native app, but it didn't work.     Note that I am using Mendix 10.2   any help would be appreciated.
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Hi, do you run the app locally and then view the native app on another (mobile) device?

If so, it makes sense that the provided link, which directs to a localhost port number of the 'current' device, isn't working on said mobile device. What you probably want to do, is to connect to the localhost location of your laptop/desktop from your mobile device, as that is the place the web application is actually running.

In order to do that both devices need to be on the same network, after which you can access the web application by replacing the 'localhost' part of the url with the IP address of the laptop/desktop. Don't forget to keep the port number included though.