Can generating a large number of custom documents daily in Mendix impact application performance?

Hi everyone.   I am currently busy with a mendix application that will need to generate a large number of custom documents for clients, monthly reports etc. I am currently using the standard mendix document templates to create the document structure and a microflow that generates a pdf using these templates.   - My question is, if there are lets say a 1000 dynamic documents ranging between 1 and 30 pages that needs to be generated each day, will the performance suffer on the mendix application, ie a bottleneck?   - If it is going to cause performance issues, are there any alternative document generating methods that are more efficient?   - Will taskqueue's help in managing the load of the document generation?   - If mendix is running slow, will a stronger server/host machine with more resources help improve document generation? (Not sure if mendix cloud is scalable)   Any advice will be much appreciated.   Thank you.
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Hi Christof, Mendix can generate documents. I would recommend checking out the new 'Document Generation for Mendix'. This module is superior to PDF's from document templates.


For the performance there is no clear cut answer but:

 - Mendix can be scaled up to levels  where major companies have high performing apps running on it

 - The TaskQueue is a good way to handle load on the server

 - Mendix Cloud is scalable per instance and also over multiple instances


You can also try to schedule generation of documents in times the server is less used by Scheduled Events.


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