Access Mendix Native Device Database from another App or Source to perform a Backup

Hi all,   We have an issue where some users are unable to open our application from their device (native app - android).  To resolve this we have to get the users to Clear Data from their device - but in doing this they are losing data that has not sync'd to the server.   Obviously the real fix here is we understand what prevents them from opening and resolve, but is it possible with Mendix to create another application that could back-up the local device database to a location on their phone that we can then access?  Can we deploy a 2nd app, say "Backup App" that can run something on the device to copy the database or even back it up as a zip file or a DB backup file?   I know via ADB you can perform some queries but the \data directory gives us a permission error so I don't think we can access it that way.   Our apps are only accessed internally by our own staff, they do not live on the public PlayStore / not available to users outside of our organisation.   Any ideas or suggestion, or is this impossible.   Thanks,
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