Setting up Mendix & Kafka marketplace module Issue.

Hi Guys.   Hopefully someone might be able to help on my issue. So we have an on-prem Kafka server/cluster that we have been using successfully for a while. I am currently testing Mendix functionality with the possibility of using Mendix as a front end solution, with Kafka integratation.   Steps i have followed.   Downloaded Mendix 9.18.0 + Kafka module.   On the kafka server - server properties - Setup listeners (UserName + Password changed for security)   #listeners=PLAINTEXT://,SASL_SSL://:9094   sasl.enabled.mechanisms=PLAIN,SCRAM-SHA-256 required username="user" password="password";   # SSL/TLS Configurationlisteners=SSL://:9093advertised.listeners=SSL:// ssl.keystore.location=/home/bitnami/server.keystore.jk sssl.keystore.password=bMxmgFbOeFtMJ4s243432gPptdJh2Qc ssl.key.password=bMxmgFbO234423234ptdJh2Qc ssl.truststore.location=/home/bitnami/server.truststore.jk sssl.truststore.password=bMxm23432432gPptdJh2Qc ssl.client.auth=required   edited the kafka_jaas.conf file to allow for SSL   KafkaClient { required    username="user"   password="Password";   };   KafkaServer { required   username="admins"   password="cjZ2Mj9rtyrrtyrtygjbqS7SFOrLwMnC"   user_admin="cjZ2Mj9SbydBNm2t4l1fhgfhgfgf2VsqugjbqS7SFOrLwMnC"    user_user="kIKOVsdfkjhsdfjV"   user_admin_scram="admin-scram-secret"; required;};   created a trustore and keystore.jks file.   Mendix configs-    Uploaded the truststore and keystore .jks file     created the server entry in the mendix kafka app     created the consumer and producers   This seems to be the bit that is not working correctly - Im not sure what needs to be here and what doesnt.     Now when i try and get a list of topics in the app. I just get timed out error.     Im not sure what i am doing wrong here, but the server is online and everything is working fine with other apps. (Although they are using Plaintext and not SSL as they are in developement phase)   Any tips would be very much appreciated. Im sure i am nearly there, probably something small.
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