How to auto-populate other fields based on one entry in a form

Hi all,    I have a form which has fields like IOS Number (Integer), Description, Area and Complex (Rest all are string type). When I'm entering the IOS number, the other fields should be auto populated without any permission to modify those other fields. Only IOS number field should be editable. The data retrieved should be in a different table and the data after submitting the form page should be in a different table. So, is there a way to auto populate those other fields based on IOS number? Please let me know if there's any option available.   Thanks.  
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Hi Akshay,

Assuming you have the IOS# and the related data stored in the reference entity. When you enter the IOS#, you want to fetch all the information from the reference entity.

You can use an on change action and call a microflow. The first action would be to retrieve the correct reference object based on the IOS# (first from DB) and the second action would be a Change Object of the Object you display on this Page4, setting the corresponding values and refreshing. The Save button you could also change to a microflow action if you want to validate and store the information elsewhere.

Hope this helps.


Update: Depending on your use case, you could set up an association to the reference entity and select the correct value via a reference selector




I want a similar dropdown option showing the matching entries in the IOS number field which can highlight and filter the data in the dropdown option.