How to remove scroll bar in authentication page while anonymous login

As I activated anonymous user in Mendix app, I had developed a login page  in authentication page section. On opening this page, continuous scrolling bar is coming and not  closing. How to remove that.
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Hi Kriti,

in the page you need to check the following:

  1. by inspect element in the browser you need to check from where it comes the space that cause the scroll-bar and try to remove it from the page.
  2. you can make a workaround by add CSS style to container of page: 

overflow: hidden;


Hello Kirti Kushwah,

On the page, please ensure to:

1. Inspect the element in the browser to identify the originating class, adjust the dimensions, and add the property 'overflow: hidden' in the class.

2. Introduce a custom class to the layout and implement the properties within this custom class.