How to auto populate a table on a form

Hi All,   How can a table that is there on a form be auto populated when a field IOS Number is retrieved from a table? Suppose we have Database table having 40 columns and we want few columns to be displayed on a table in a form. Now when I enter the IOS number in my form, it should fetch the required columns from the DB table and auto-populate the columns in the form table with checklist options. I have attached two screenshots - where one is before entering IOS number in the field and the table displayed after entering the IOS number.   Thanks.      
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Not completely sure on the details you need, but have a look at using a datasource microflow to populate the grid and in the microflow use the data from the surrounding dataview to get the correct records. Make sure that when the user enters the IOS number that you refresh the dataview object and thereby triggering the datasource microflow to populate the grid.