How to /Adding Items to the Cart/ Wizards/ Object

i want to add my items (objects) to the cart page, which activities do i need in the flow, can you give me a explanation what and why? i have products so entity with few attributes such as name, price etc. i create object in products_new edit, i show them in on a page, i have button attached to each item in the list upon clicking on the item i have microflow behind it , that microflow should add that chosen item to page called cart so how to fix this?. having this in sight i come up with another question, i have a wizard for purchasing the item, the second step on the second page of the wizard is to fill a home adress and earlier chosen product should be visible on that page too. so i use dataview is it correct? but in the third page after clicking next button on the second page the same object must be passed so that on the third page the users should see that product which he had chosen on the main page and on the second, how can i pass the object also to the last page the 3rd one? i have till second page, i am not able to see that object(item) in 3rd page too, how to solve this any idea? thanks in advance .
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