Hey, i am new to mendix, i would like to ask about CKeditor , what is it and how can i find on the pages? i am not able to find any documentation about it so i thought lets ask to the experts! thanks 
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Hi mohammad 


The use case for this widget to add a full(What you get what you see) WYSIWYG editor for your entity attributes. This version has the ability to add links to HTML that can run microflows when clicked uppon.


The CKEditor widget comes with the CKEditor viewer. This viewer will enable the posibility to reformat links to microflow links.

  • The viewer needs an entity and attribute where it can get the HTML code.
  • You can style the link as a button or just text.
  • Within the CKEditor widget configure labels that can be placed with the mendix link button.
  • These labels can be configured in the viewer to execute a microflow.
  • The microflow will get the entity from the viewer widget.

here's the example : 



Hope this answer your question mohammad .


Hello Muhammed,


THe CKE let you create and show more comprehensive string html values for your string attributes. For example adding hyperlinks in there, but also like lists or images etc. 

It is basically working like this answer box of mendix.

So the big benefit is that it can provide your string attribute with way more functionality, it also now have the option to add a microflow link in there!




I would say try it out and see if it suits for a specific business situation for you.


Extra info https://marketplace.mendix.com/link/component/1715


Good luck!