Knowing about Microflows

Hi all, Am new to mendix  What is the difference between Microflow retrieve and nanoflow retrieve. so why we need to use nanoflow instaed of microflows when got performance issue  thanks 
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Please refer Below link.

you will get clarification What is the difference between Microflow retrieve and nanoflow. 


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Microflows run on the application server and execute java/scala

Nanoflows run in the client and execute JavaScript

Both are used to mobel/execute application logic.

Java and javascript can execute same tasks, but also differ. With javascript client interactions can be triggered for example.

Regarding the performance; since nanoflows run directly in the client, no server interaction is needed. And thus have a performance advantage.... in many cases. When handling a lot of data and database interaction is required (which is called through the app server) the performance benefit is terminated. 

Be aware that handling data in nanoflows require user access to all entities and members involved. Which isnt necessary in microflows. And thus microflows can have a security benefit. 

So just using naoflows for the sake of performance isnt my first advise I would give.