Switching Applications

Dear Mendix users,   I have a question and I hope you can help me with it. We have an issue with sessions. We have multiple applications where there is a central application where user data is stored and where users log in. Depending on the role and rights of the user, they have access to one or more other applications. Users are redirected to the applications they have access to immediately after logging in. This all works fine as long as the user goes directly to the central application and logs in there. The problem arises when a user goes to another application first. There is a redirect when an anonymous user goes to another application. The redirect works fine and the user can log in to the central application. However, the redirection to the other application fails because somewhere it is still stored that there is an anonymous user, and the user is redirected back to the login page of the central application. Locally, everything works fine, but when I bring it to our acceptance environment, this problem occurs. We have now implemented that sessions of anonymous users are deleted, but this does not help. Is there anyone who has experience with switching users between different applications with single sign-on? If so, does anyone have an idea how to solve this problem?
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