IT Model for SaaS platform in Mendix

Hello,   I’m new to the low-code world and I do have basic question about the platform capabilities. We are considering launching a product with a few assumptions. SaaS product based on subscription model Targeted for external users (~50 different organizations with ~100 users each) Some customers may require certain customization which should be applicable only to them based on their needs Some customers may require integration of their sites with their own ERP systems. Multi-tenancy   Obviously, there are way more many points but these few we consider as critical ones. So, there is a question about the IT / Subscription model in that case.   Based on points 3 & 4, which points out customer-specific needs and integration, is it feasible to have just one app for everyone or each of these customers would need to have their own subscription in Mendix?  
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Hi Tomasz,


We have a Mendix commercial ISV program and would be happy to discuss this with you in more detail.

There are some further details here

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