Click on edit, and return the value that already exists in a reference or combobox.

I'll see if I can explain it here:   Example: I have a datagrid2 with a list of some students that are returned from an external database.   This list has the name and city.   When I click to edit a student, on the editing screen, their name returns, but the city does not return in the combobox, it appears blank and only if I click, the states to choose from appear.   Therefore, every time you edit the student's name, for example, you have to choose the city again.   I would like it to return the existing value to the combobox when I click on edit, and if I want to change the selection on one of the list, otherwise, just click on save and it will have the value it was before.   This is just an example of what I need.   Below is a photo of the microflow that returns the data to the editing screen. Retrieve and Create Object before the query, I create it now to try to return.
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Hi, Heverton Castle


City and name have association right, so please check in create activity did you add association of City and map the data to reference of City.


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