Assistance Needed with Azure OAuth Token Flow

Hi, Previously, Single Sign-On (SSO) was the only option for logging into my application, and I relied on OAuth tokens generated during SSO for all API activities. However, a recent update now allows users to log in without SSO, which has caused difficulties for me in creating OAuth tokens post-login. I've attempted to grasp the workings of OIDC and how tokens are generated, but I've encountered some hurdles along the way. While we do have existing connectors(OIDC, GRAPH etc) that facilitate token generation, they are intertwined with other processes. Specifically, I'm trying to create a dedicated flow solely for OAuth token generation for MS   I would greatly appreciate it if someone could guide me through the process of creating an Azure OAuth token flow.   Thanks
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Hey Kiran, 


After you create azure entra id, you will get the REST endpoint of fetching oauth token via client credentials flow.


You can refer this article -


After this you will get access token which will be a jwt bearer one and you can verify at 


Hope this helps.


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Naman Khard