How do I use Email connector in this case

Hello everyone, I am still a mendix newbie.   I'll try to explain my question as best as I can.   I've recently installed the Email Connector Module from the Marketplace, I set up a fakesmtp server and it works.   Now, my question is this, I have a specific task I need to complete, I have a lists of tasks and you have to specify a state to each task. I have a button to either reject or accept it.   They asked me to make a function that whenever you click the "accept" button, it'll be moved to the next state (for example: from in progress to development done) is this possible to accomplish, if so, how?
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I assume you have the state as an enumeration in an entity. If this is the case, it would be as simple as having a microflow or nanoflow as the action on the accept button. In this flow you'd have a Change Object action, and in that action you would set the value of the state attribute to the next required value of the enumeration.


Good luck!