Open a File Explorer Window on Button-Click

I want to have a button inside my Mendix frontend that opens the users local file explorer with a certain path. I found some answers to that on the forum but they seem to be outdated. They are over 10 years old and I can not find the referenced functionality "External Link". With this functionality it is mentioned that putting in a link with the structure "file:///DriveLetter://Path" would work for my use case.   Help would be appreciated!   Just for Clarification: I do not want the user to select a file (would be easy via File Manager Widget). 
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Use JavaScript to Open File Explorer: Write JavaScript code within your custom widget to open the file explorer with the desired path. This can be achieved using the method with a file:/// URL.

Here's a basic example of how you might implement this in your custom widget's JavaScript:'file:///C:/Path/To/Your/Folder', '_blank');