Salesforce Connector - Data Source Microflows

Hello Mx Community!   Currently, I am working on a project in which I utilize the Salesforce Connector module from Marketplace. I have set a Connected App in a Salesforce sandbox org and I use the credentials to authenticate in the connector.   This connector contains a Snippet with a tab container. This container contains some data grids with data source microflows, 8 in the number.   All the microflows, call a specific REST service to fetch some data.   The problem here is that when I deploy the app to the free cloud, when trying to open this specific page with the tab container, the page takes time to load and finally the data grids never contain data whereas several popups come up saying that an error has occured.   After, inspecting in the brower, the console contains errors saying that the data source microflows did not run successfully. And the call REST service activity returns statuses 5**.   Could anyone please help me identify the issue or propose some kind of a solution to this problem?   Thank you in advance!   KR, George
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