Mendix Platform SDK error

Hello everyone I'm getting the following result from terminal after i execute the script:   Creating new app 'NewApp-1709673573469'...Successfully created app with id '6df17009-bcec-4d0d-9676-55c8e7975b21'Creating temporary working copy for branch 'branches/main'...{  errorCode: 'RS400',  errorMessage: 'Please provide valid input to execute this request. The branch or project does not exist'}   script:   import { domainmodels } from "mendixmodelsdk"; import { MendixPlatformClient } from "mendixplatformsdk"; async function main() {     const client = new MendixPlatformClient();     const app = await client.createNewApp(`NewApp-${}`, {         repositoryType: "git",     });     const workingCopy = await app.createTemporaryWorkingCopy("main");     const model = await workingCopy.openModel();     const domainModelInterface = model.allDomainModels().filter(dm => === "MyFirstModule")[0];     const domainModel = await domainModelInterface.load();     const entity = domainmodels.Entity.createIn(domainModel); = `NewEntity_${}`;     await model.flushChanges();     await workingCopy.commitToRepository("main"); } main().catch(console.error);   I followed mendixmodelsdk guide but i keep getting that error. Can anyone help me?
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Have you created your Personal Access Token with the relevant permissions before running this script?