scale connected to mendix app

Hello, I would like to create a simple mendix app (native or PWA) that display the weight of the person standing on a scale. Could you help me understand how to do it?  How will the scale communicate with the mendix app?   Thanks
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You would need to find a weighing device that can post to an API or MQTT service. If it can post to an API you would need to build an endpoint that the device can post to. If it can send a message to an MQTT service, your application would need to register to receive those relevant messages. 


At a lower lever, if the weighing device offers Bluetooth, you may be able to write some JavaScript actions to connect to the device and take readings that way using the web bluetooth APIs in the browser. This is not a widely supported technology though, so your app would only work on certain browsers.


It's hard to say without knowing what the device offers for connectivity.


Good luck!