Mendix Model SDK - Indexes

Good afternoon everyone, I am facing a problem trying to create indexed attributes on my entities through sdk script.   import { domainmodels } from "mendixmodelsdk"; import { MendixPlatformClient, setPlatformConfig } from "mendixplatformsdk"; const APP_ID = "f5809059-4962-4d45-ba11-bc8de7f1bbc7"; export async function executeScript(jsonData: any) {   await getApp(APP_ID);   async function getApp(ai: string) {     setPlatformConfig({       mendixToken:         "7c9iMCE3J28EBXXJmAmaAQeKEmyo4mAw9aU2PnPztTp7vDNvWxxsqdaKTZt1JJQPZmLCCqVV1S89YdrSsVgrndYoUGV8SbjguTSG",     });     const client = new MendixPlatformClient();     const app = client.getApp(ai);     const workingCopy = await app.createTemporaryWorkingCopy("main");     const model = await workingCopy.openModel();     const domainModelInterface = model       .allDomainModels()       .filter((dm) => === "MyFirstModule")[0];     const domainModel = await domainModelInterface.load();     for (const entityData of jsonData) {       const entityName = entityData.Name;       const entity = domainmodels.Entity.createIn(domainModel); = entityName;       for (const attributeData of entityData.Attributes) {         const attributeName = attributeData.Attribute;         if (attributeName != "Id") {           const attributeType = getDataType(attributeData.Type);           const attribute = domainmodels.Attribute.createIn(entity);  = attributeName;           attribute.type = attributeType;           if (attributeType instanceof domainmodels.StringAttributeType) {             attributeType.length = attributeData.Length ? parseInt(attributeData.Length, 10) : 50;           } else if (attributeType instanceof domainmodels.DecimalAttributeType) {             domainmodels.StoredValue.createIn(attribute).defaultValue = attributeData.Decimals ? parseInt(attributeData.Decimals, 10).toString() : "10";           }           for (const indexData of entityData.Indexes) {             const indexName = indexData.Name;             const index = domainmodels.Index.createIn(entity);             const indexx = domainmodels.IndexedAttribute.createIn(index);             indexx.attribute = indexName;           }         }       }     }     function getDataType(dataType: string) {       switch (dataType.toLowerCase()) {         case "text":           return domainmodels.StringAttributeType.create(model);         case "integer":           return domainmodels.IntegerAttributeType.create(model);         case "long integer":           return domainmodels.LongAttributeType.create(model);         case "boolean":           return domainmodels.BooleanAttributeType.create(model);         case "datetime":           return domainmodels.DateTimeAttributeType.create(model);         case "binary data":           return domainmodels.BinaryAttributeType.create(model);         case "enumeration":           return domainmodels.EnumerationAttributeType.create(model);         case "decimal":           return domainmodels.DecimalAttributeType.create(model);         default:           return domainmodels.StringAttributeType.create(model);       }     }     await model.flushChanges();     await workingCopy.commitToRepository("main");     return workingCopy;   } }   I tried creating them like that (line 46-51) but i get the following error:   "Cannot update property of 'DomainModels$IndexedAttribute', the given object is not yet part of a unit. Please add the object to an unit first.   Hope anyone can help me, maybe provide an example of how to index an attribute on entities.
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