Displaying Opening Hours on Home Page Without Parameters

  I'm currently setting up a home page in my Mendix application, where I'd like to display the opening hours . I have an entity named 'OpeningHours' where I store this information. What's the best approach to display these opening hours on the home page without having to pass parameters from other pages? I want to use a data view on the home page, but I'm stuck because it expects a parameter. How can I best handle this? Any suggestions and advice are greatly appreciated! Best regards,    
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Rather than passing the parameter to the page, you can change the data source for the Data View to another method. If you need to do some sort of calculation, then a microflow or nanoflow data source is probably what you need. This would need to return a single object that the Data View can use to render the relevant data, in your case an OpeningHours object.




I hope this helps!