Rebase or merge commit after APP version upgrade?

Hi all,    I'm currently using Mendix Studio Pro 10.8.1. The app was previously on version 10.6.1 and was recently upgraded to the newest version. The Git version I'm using is 2.44, which supports rebase. I've attempted multiple times to commit my changes using rebase and merge, but I've encountered the following issues:   Rebase Begins with the git exception Then following message appears and even if click on "continue" nothing changes  Mendix regonizes that the app was converted, but no conflict resolution is avaliable  Merge I'm getting a long list of conflicts since the app was converted to a higher version In the earlier version of Git, everything worked well with just a click on 'commit'. However, the Mendix documentation does not cover app upgrades. I would appreciate any advice. Thank you!
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Just adding this here so the forum post can be marked as solved:



Unfortunately the root issue wasn't found yet, so the help of mendix support might be needed to prevent it from happening again.