Tab/Data Grid2 Not refreshing

Hi Reader,   I have created a page in which I have used tab container. There are three tabs and each contains data grid 2 displaying data of different status (Inprogress, Completed, Aborted). In each data grid I am using checkbox for different purpose (for selecting items). Now I want if I select checkbox of one tab then others should be false (unchecked). How Can I achieve this? Please suggest
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If you have does checkboxes on the 3 tabs, make sure they are related to 3 different (boolean) attributes in your entity (for example FilterInProgress, FilterCompleted, FilterAborted). This can be a Non-Persistable Entity, specific for the view of this page.


Then you can add 3 nanoflows (or microflows).

  • ToggleActiveTabInProgress
  • ToggleActiveTabCompleted
  • ToggleActiveTabAborted

In this nanoflow, set 1 attribute to true and the other 2 on false. So in the ToggleActiveTabInProgress, you make the FilterInProgress true and the FilterCompleted and FilterAborted false.


Configure in the checkbox widget the event OnChange and make sure it executes the correct nanoflow.


If you use a custom check box, but on the same entity, after changing one of the values you have to refresh the entity to apply to the other tabs.


If you want to use the Tab container with the default check box, then as Peter mentioned, you have to double click on the tab and change it to refresh page, then after changing the page the values will return to their default values.