Freezing Data grid first line

I tried to use css style position: sticky, but it not works. My studio pro version is 10.6.4.
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Hi Erkanghui,


There is a marketplace module for this:


But if you don't want to import any extra's into your app you can still use CSS.

Just using position:sticky will not work. You also need to add top:0 and a z index. And possibly a background color if it is not yet added. Also, make sure you have the right element selected to apply the CSS. Check out these links:





as you can see order in header so its already  sticky , and if you are taking about data , then we cant fix that or we can make  first row  as fix but we can fix that data as sticky . example ia list there is a 20 data , first slot 10 data is visible ,and in other slot next 10data,