SOAP authentication error

Dear Gurus, I have two Mx projects running: one is publishing a catalogue through a webservice, the other is configured to call the webservice and receive its data. When Project2 calls the webservice, I receive a SOAP error called AuthenticationError. Project1 has a webservice user with password, the webservice call in the microflow in Project2 has been configured with the user name and password (hardcoded). Can anyone tell me what it is I'm overlooking? Regards, Olaf.
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Are you sure you're calling the right webservice? What soap endpoint are you trying to reach? The modeler doesn't "know" where it's running so the WSDL always publishes http://localhost:8080/ as the url. If you want to run it on another server or run multiple versions on the same machine, you have to change the hostname and/or port in Project | Settings | Server | Application root URL


Project2 (sending partner) reports: "com.mendix.systemwideinterfaces.MendixRuntimeException: Received SOAP fault, code: AuthenticationError, reason: Login failed"

Project1 (receiving end) reports: "Login FAILED: invalid password for user 'xxx'", where 'xxx' stands for the correct webservice user name.

Now the error in Project1 doesn't leave room for interpretation. But I can assure you that the password hardcoded in the ws-call matches exactly with the user's master record.

Both projects run on the same machine - one at port 8080, the other on 8081.