Missing user roles in app compared to database table

When I receive all entries from System.UserRole in a Database viewer I get all user roles that I have defined in the application security settings. However, when I retrieve the list of user roles in the application. (List view; Datasource: Database; Entity: System.UserRole; No constraints), some roles are missing in the listing.   I would expect to receive all roles that are contained in the table.   Does someone know what causes this effect, and how to fix it?   (Studio Pro version: 9.24.17)
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Hello Arne,


This is probably related to the fact that you currently have a userrole that is not allowed to manage (see) some specific roles.


This can be configured under Security > User Roles > Role x > User Management at the bottom.


A nice tool to help you figure out permission issues in the future, would be to use the Bizzomate Dev Tools. I can highly recommend this tool for all Mendix developers.


Hi Arne,

There is an XPath constraint on which userroles a user is allowed to see. 

[System.UserRoles = '[%CurrentUser%]' or System.grantableRoles[reversed()]/System.UserRole/System.UserRoles = '[%CurrentUser%]']

So a user should either have that role themselves, or have management access of that role (the checkboxes on the bottom of the user role popup in project Security).

Hope that helps!