Autofill login username

Hi all,    We have three login methods to our app depending. We are currently testing a new login method so only some users are using it, people are getting confused so I have created a page which will allow the user to type in their email address and if it detects a certain domain it will take them to the correct SSO login page.  For the users that still use the local accounts on the app itself they have to type in their email, the email will detect them as not an SSO user so direct them to the normal login page, they then have to type their email again. Is there a way to autofill the default mendix "email" login ID text box. It does not link to an attribute so I can't seem to do it with a microflow?   Many thanks,  Garion
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How are you redirecting the user to the non SSO login page? you could create a non persistable entity to hold the email address and add that as a page parameter on your login page