Uploading/Downloading photos for mobile app

Hi everyone, In the current project we have both web app and native app sharing the same server.  What is the best practice in Mendix to deal with the photos in native app? Currently we create Image Entity in nanoflow and sync it to the server. This is not the best solution to us, because we can not set the relation to the parent entity. How to solve this issue? Should we convert it to base64 and send this way to the microflow?  Is it possible to somehow sync the photos from the server to the mobile app basing on a relation? In web we use gallery and use the relation between Image entity and parent entity. Can it be done somehow in native profile? Or should we convert the photos to base64 and send them over microflow to the mobile app?  
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It's not entirely clear to me why you don't have the parent entity available if you need it on the phone.


If you have the parent (owner of the association) in the Native profile you can set it in the nanoflow and sync it to the server together with the newly created image.


If the issue is that you create a new image and you don't have the parent entity available then you can consider using an after commit event to set the association between parent and child image on the server.