Performance of the Microflow

Hi I am looking for a way to analyze on performance of the microflow if any one knows a simpler way to do please let me know  
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What do you want to analyze in your microflow? You can create a variable with the currentdatetime in the beginning of the MF and put this in a log and create a log message at the end of the MF with the currentdate time and use the between date functions to see how long it takes.


You can add logging everywhere in your microflow to see what's happening and how long it takes by adding the necessary date logging.


If you want to analyze more specific data, you should use a tool like APD , but you need a license to use it.


Hi Ghanshyam Patil,


You can set the log node activity from the toolbox in each and every microflow at the start and end of  the microflow to calculate the microflow running time.

Based in the time you can analysis the speed and efficiency of the microflow.