Datagrid2 with microflow datasource doesnt refresh

Hi, I have a Dataview which contains a dropdown and a Datagrid2 which has a microflow Datasource. The microflow has a parameter which is the value of the dropdown and is used to filter the list of entities returned to the Datagrid2.   The drowdown onChange event also call the microflow, but the Datagrid2 doesn't refresh at all after selecting a value in the dropdown. The microflow execute correctly, but the Datagrid2 doesn't refresh.   Any idea ?   Kind regards    
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In the change event of the dropdown, refresh the helper entity that contains the dropdown value. Do this by using a change object with refresh in client checked. Or, when using a nanoflow you can use the 'refresh object' activity. 

All datasources within the dataview including the one configured in the datagrid should refresh now!