How to make model more dynamic

I have a model I built that I would like to make more dynamic. I essentially want to manage several(possibly more than 100) tables of data. The columns for each table with have some overlapping attributes but mostly they will be different. I can create separate entities in the domain model for each. Unfortunately, I cannot paste an image in this question otherwise it would show pretty clearly what I have done. I have done that and it is working just fine, but that method feels awfully tedious and it would not allow web based control over the content. Something more sophisticated would be preferred. I would like a web interface for a higher level user to create the table by selecting the columns. From there, a lower level user can populate the table with unique rows by filling out a form or by uploading an excel file. Does anyone have an example where semi dynamic tables can be created like this? thanks, jeff
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Hi Jeff,

Thanks for utilizing the forum! FYI I also asked this question somewhat differently if you want to take a look at the responses.


In addition to the answer in the other thread, if you only need a simple GUI, with just textboxes as input, the answer lies in your question. Just model Table, Row, Column and Cell objects. Note that there are some plans for a spreadsheet like widget based on the domain model. If you are interested in that, just contact Johan for the schedule.