9.24.3 Offline PWA not usable anymore?

Hi,   Back in November 2023 I had put together an offline-first PWA POC together that seems to be no longer usable. It is needed for a demo in June and I am looking for a path to be able to use it. Google Chrome has had updates in the past few months that have phased out the use of WebSQL in the browser, the technology Mendix PWA's use for offline, Mendix is aware (see this article https://www.mendix.com/blog/websql-removal-and-how-it-affects-your-mendix-pwas/) but don't have much of a path to keep using this app since Chrome has disallowed rollbacks beyond major version 120. Until yesterday, I was still able to use the app on an up-to-date desktop web Chrome browser, and was able to use an older version of Chrome browser (major version 116) on an android tablet. Auto-update on Chrome was shut off since last year, however Chrome has has still since updated both to the newest version of Chrome where these offline PWA do not work, and not allowing rollback or uninstalling of updates beyond major version 120 (major version 119 is where they had phased out WebSQL).    So my question is: what is a good path would be to use this app still? Would it need to be converted to a native mobile app? Are there ways to leverage older versions of Chrome for the demo? Chrome seems to have tightened its allowable usage of older versions of Chrome the more I look into it. Thanks in Advance! 
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Seems like you just need to upgrade to 9.24.18 to get going again. Check out the latest release notes: https://docs.mendix.com/releasenotes/studio-pro/9.24/#92418