Seeking Guidance: Developing a Locally-Deployed Program with Mendix

Hello Mendix Community, I'm exploring the possibility of developing a user-friendly program that can be accessed both on mobile phones (via an app) and desktops. However, I have a specific requirement: I need the program to run locally on-premises, rather than through a cloud-based service.    The reason for this requirement is to ensure that users can only access the program when connected to the on-premise Wi-Fi network. Additionally, I want to keep all data and information locally stored, rather than in the cloud.   My primary question is: Is it possible to achieve this setup with Mendix? Specifically, can Mendix applications be deployed locally and accessed only when connected to a specific Wi-Fi network?   Furthermore, I'm interested in knowing if there is a platform or a group of people who would be able to assist me with this task. Are there any Mendix experts or community members who have experience with deploying applications locally and managing on-premises access restrictions?   Lastly, is there someone I can speak with who will help me set up this program and then build on it for the future? I'm looking for guidance on the initial setup as well as ongoing development and maintenance.   While there may be a future need to grant access to an external management company, for now, the key feature is to have the program accessible only locally when connected to the on-premises Wi-Fi network.   I'd appreciate any insights or guidance on whether this is feasible with Mendix, as well as any recommendations for resources or individuals who could assist with this project.   Thank you in advance for your help!   Best regards, Charl  
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Hi Charl,

Here are a couple of documentation sections that could be interesting

Not everything is exactly referring to your request, but to summarize; yes you can set up a a local environment and restrict access. 

We would be able to help you both with guidance and implementation. If you want to know more, feel free to reach out via the profile page contact options.