Update Conditional visibility in data grid 2

Hi Reader,   I have created a page in which there is a data view at the top and inside the data view there is one data grid2. The data grid contains custom columns and data source of Data grid2 is the Xpath. The custom column of the Data grid contains different images and other things and they have conditional visibility depending on the value of records of the entity of data grid 2.   There is one drop-down of the data view options Active, suspended, discontinue. These are the status of records of data grid2. Requirement. 1. If I select Active then only active records will be visible (Discontinue/Suspended records will not be visible) and icons for active status will be visible in the custom column.   Solution I Tried 1. I have created one boolean in the entity of the data grid. (Attached in the source of the Data grid for Xpath boolean = true) 2. When I select active in the dropdown, I call a microflow for on-change activity. 3. This microflow retrieves active records and updates the boolean value to true (without committing) and for other records boolean value is false.   But I am not getting the expected output. Or is there any better solution? Please let me know    
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Hi Harshraj,


what you have done is half of the process, I think.


I think that there is no need of Boolean attribute.


Same OnChange event of dropdown, you can call a microflow with change object and don't change anything and just opt refresh in client as yes.


and set the datagrid2 datasource as Microflow and pass the dataview object as parameter and retrieve the list there with xpath constraints.


Hope you got it.