Enumeration values not showing in drop-down

Hi everyone,    I know this is a basic question but I don't know how to solve it. I remember with older versions of Studio Pro enumeration values were showed immediately when testing locally but I can't make this work, in the status drop down (it's a referenceSelector since a normal dropdown didn't even give chance to edit or choose values) I should be given the different status types (defined in an enumeration) but they aren't showing. I have never encountered this issue before, I don't know if it has to do with the version of Studio Pro or I am doing something wrong?   Thanks in advanced.   Images of my page with the dropdown empty as well as the enum for better understanding.      
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I think you have 2 issues:

  1. Dropdown: Based on your issue "since a normal dropdown didn't even give chance to edit or choose values" My assumption is that the user doesn't have Write access, only read access.
  2. Reference selector: uses a reference to select out of a list of available objects. Thus if this list is empty, there are no objects. Object contain attributes and these can have one of the ENUM values. But no object = no attribute = no value. If the reference is the desired situation; first create the different objects with the different ENUM values

Hi Kenya Castellanos,


Firstly, reference set will get the values only from the records which are already created.


To select any enumeration from association, you should not want to choose Reference set.


Instead, there are two methods to get it work.

1. In the form, place a nested dataview with datasource of context and entity is selected as Associated      entity. Then, In the Nested Dataview add the dropdown widget and select the enumeration status from    dataview2.


2. If you are Opening the NewEdit(form) page through microflow, you can use this.

when creating the main object, create an object for associated entity and associate it through change object event. and then choose dropdown(Status enumeration) from association in the form.



Hi, Kenya Castellanos

Please check ENUM attribute Read and write access of particular user given or not otherwise delete enum attribute and create new one 

i hope it will be help you!

Thank you