Twitter live feeds (10.9 version)

Hello, Can anyone please help me to know how to show twitter live feeds without login to twitter (or didn't have account) in the page ?.
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Hey Dwija Nagar

1. Leverage Twitter's Explore Page (Limited Functionality):

  • While not ideal for live updates, you can use the Twitter Explore page ( to retrieve trending topics and news.
  • This can be achieved using a web scraper component in Mendix to fetch the HTML content of the Explore page.
  • Parse the HTML to extract relevant information like trending hashtags and news snippets.
  • Limitations: This approach offers limited control over the content and may not provide real-time updates.

2. Public Tweet URLs (Individual Tweets):

  • If you have URLs for specific public tweets, you can use an iFrame to embed them in your Mendix page.
  • However, this approach only works for individual tweets and doesn't provide live updates.