Some sort of mix-up?

Hi, After the partner event, last Wednesday I thought: "Let's check out that 'cloud' thing." Why not? Stay on top of things. Right? So I signed up, and Yes, it worked like a charm. Well, almost. I'm now a 30-day trial user. Guess I signed up using the same email adress as my already existing account. So now I have to use the modeler for local deployments and 2.5.1 only for the 30-day trial cloud work. Not really an ideal situation. So finally my question: Guess what? I would like my account fixed, and of course a full-version of the 2.5.1 modeler. Sounds reasonably, doesn't it? ;-)
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What do you mean by account fixed? I'm sure we can get you a 2.5.1 version so you can deploy the same project locally and in the cloud.

At the moment we're only offering a trial cloud for 30 days, I'll try and find out for you when the full cloud version is coming out.