Testing FileDocumentViewer PDFjs feature

Lately we have seen a few issues with the FileDocumentViewer when it comes to viewing PDF files on mobile devices. Mainly there is a problem with Android, where it just doesn't show the document, but instead downloads it. That's why I decided to build a feature using PDFjs into this widget. Is there anyone who wants to test this feature in their project? From what I can see, it works properly on Android and iOS (as well as on a desktop), but I love some feedback. Maybe some things need to be tweaked. Also, I haven't had the change to test this in the cloud. Just set the "Use PDFjs" to true and make sure the documents are all PDF files. Feedback can be reported here, there is a link to an adapted .MPK file. Thank you!
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Together with Aelion we are working on an alternative based on PDFTron, which also offers the ability to annotate and draw signatures on a PDF. If you are interested please let us know.