Published OData Microflow - pagination using request parameter

Hello everyone   I use the published OData service (Microflow) to return asset data. I need a possibility to attach parameters (e.g. for pagination or filtering) to the request. Desired OData request --> GET http://localhost:8080/odata/published_odata_service/v1/POS_RetrieveAssetList?type='MSA'   I would like to use the request parameters, i.e. pass the parameters via the URL. Is there a way to do this, equivalent to a published REST service? REST request GET http://localhost:8080/rest/published_rest_service/v1/resource?type='MSA'   As I see it, the parameters can only be passed to the OData Microflow via the request body. OData request POST http://localhost:8080/odata/published_odata_service/v1/POS_RetrieveAssetList Body:  {   "type": 'MSA' }  
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Sounds like you want to filter the results returned in the OData request.  You can do this with the filter parameter in the URL.


For example, the URL would look like this:

GET http://localhost:8080/odata/published_odata_service/v1/POS_RetrieveAssetList?$filter=type eq 'MSA'


You can learn more about the filter parameter here: OData Query Options | Mendix Documentation